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    Tzachi, M.Sc., Physicist
    Applied physics, Electro-optics, LabVIEW
    Experience with: light sources, optical detetors
    Israel | Haifa
Background and experience
Tzachi Sabati is physicist consultant with proven record of excellence. Tzachi is professional in Electro-Optics: defining sensors and light sources (lasers, LED, flash lamps, etc.), calibration and integration of electro optical component and devices. Tzachi have strong technology background and deep understanding of laser tissue interaction involve with hands on experience (almost 10 years) in building prototypes and products development. Tzachi worked as innovation leader in Lumenis innovation lab, as product manager, physicist and Field Investigation manager in IARD Sensing solution
Services offered
Evaluating new technologies and devices - optical components, optical devices, sensors, light source, etc. Design of experiments for evaluation - defining set of parameters and properties to be measured Testing and characterization device/technology Analyzing measurement results and device compatibility to the specific application Providing comprehensive report presentation and documents for design history file Innovate technological solution for a given market needs Literature review to present the technological field and market arena Providing list of optional technological solutions for concept phase Choosing with the customer the optimal solution according to the specific application Defining specifications Building prototype that meet the specification General physics consulting Physics problem solving Design of experiments and building computerized testing setups utilizing LabView and other software Leading technology projects with other experts and vendors
Years of experience: 11-15 Years
  • light sources
  • optical detetors
  • sensors
  • FPGA
  • LED
  • photoconductive
  • photovoltaic
  • Design of experiments
  • computerized testing setups
  • LabView
  • microcontrollers
  • laser tissue interaction
  • light tissue interaction

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In photoconductive detector the conductivity increase results from radiation applied to the detector while in photovoltaic the current is generated and increase resulted from radiation applied to the detector. The electrical circuit and amplifier are different between these two detectors as well as the applications. In photoconductive detector the frequency response is higher as well as the SNR.