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    Andy, PhD., Electrical engineering
    Algorithms, Audio amplifiers
    Experience with: microprocessors, microcontrollers
    New York United States | Port Jefferson Station
Background and experience
Experience: I can design your hardware and develop your software, and I can troubleshoot your existing designs and redesign those with obsolete components. And I can work with your staff and with your customers to support your product's design, debug, manufacturing, sales, marketing and support. Flexibility: I have the necessary skills to meet your needs at a very competitive rate. And I can enter your project at any phase and help when and where you need it most. Fast Learner: I will contribute to your project from the first day we begin discussing your needs. I have keen analysis skills and I know what questions to ask and how to get productive right away. 33 Years of Experience: My experience covers many areas of expertise, and I'll apply my knowledge for your benefit and to provide a fresh perspective for your projects. Cost Effectiveness: You pay only for the work done - without making a permanent investment in staff and facility resources. My billable hours are all productive hours. No vacation time costs, sick time costs, watercooler chit-chat costs, training costs or medical benefits. You'll have a virtual engineer available year round that only affects your budget when you have actual work. I'm Flexible: I have a tremendous array of skills available to meet your needs - at a very competitive rate. And I can enter your project at any phase and help when and where you need it most. I have a US Passport and have experience traveling domestically and internationally in support of business goals. Ongoing Support: I aim for long-term relationships so I'm here to lend my ongoing support. Confidentiality: I'll be glad to sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. I have one ready-to-sign if you need one. I have held a Secret-Level US Security Clearance and I follow strict ethical business practices to ensure sensitivity to your proprietary information. Courtesy and Friendliness: I'll be very sensitive to the concerns of your staff with whom I will work and interact. I will work hard to make them feel that I am a part of your team and not a threat to their job security. I do that through my comitment of working toward the same goals as your staff... to strenthen your product lineup and to ensure your customer's satisfaction. I'm also very friendly which helps in every interaction that I'll have with your management and staff.
Services offered
I'm experienced with a wide variety of technologies over a wide range of industries, so I bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to your projects. • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, DSP, and digital and analog circuits. • Firmware written in various Assembly Languages and various high level Languages. • Software for PC Applications written in various high level Languages. • ICE (In Circuit Emulators) and Development Systems. • Test Equipment including Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers. • Schematic Capture, BOM (Bill of Materials) and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Layout. • Breadboarding and Prototyping, Debugging and Troubleshooting, Diagnostic Software. • I2C, USB, FTP, D/A, A/D, Transducer I/O. Keyboard and Display Interfaces. • Speech Recognition, Text To Speech, Speech Control Applications. • Laser Control Systems (100 Watt YAG, 20 Watt CO2, HeNe, Solid-State), Fiberoptics. • Data, Audio, Video, Control and Monitoring Applications. Feedback Control Systems. • Website Development. Remote Software Installation, Support and Troubleshooting. Industry Experience includes: Commercial, Medical, Legal, Law Enforcement, and Aerospace. Below are some of the products and systems I have developed and supported: • Digital Voice Recording and Playback Products and Peripherals • Speech Recognition and Text To Speech Products • Audio and Data Telephony Interfaces • Fiberoptic LASER Audio/Video/Data Transceivers • 20 Watt CO2 Opthamology Surgical LASER Controller • 100 Watt YAG Gastrointestinal Surgical LASER Controller • Non-Invasive Surgical Blood Pressure Monitor • Integrated Circuit Foundry Parametric Test Equipment • Naval Radar Systems • Jet Engine Test Instrumentation • Diagnostic Test Equipment • Electron Spectrometer Temperature Controller • Kiosk Security Systems
Years of experience: Over 25 Years
  • microprocessors
  • microcontrollers
  • DSP
  • digital circuits
  • analog circuits
  • firmware
  • I2C
  • USB
  • FTP
  • D/A
  • A/D
  • Speech Recognition

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