Soluto finds the specialist solution

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Thanks to FindTech, I will no longer waste time and effort hunting for, screening, reference-checking or training qualified science and engineering consultants! —Boaz Shetzer, VP of Operations, Soluto

Boaz, VP of Operations, Soluto

Soluto, the start-up success story recently acquired by Asurion, offers computer and mobile-device protection services. In the mobile world, product introduction needs to happen at light speed, with laggers being left in the dust.

We are currently developing our next revolutionary product (which I can’t elaborate on due to confidentiality, of course). In order to launch this product as quickly as humanly possible, I needed a highly experienced electronics engineer with a very specific skill-set, who could dive right in to the project. For as much as I searched, I could not find someone who fit the bill; that is, until I heard about FindTech. FindTech is the site developed specifically to help companies find the exact engineers and scientists they need—to fill a specific niche or staff an entire team. I liked the FindTech platform, with multi-level search parameters targeted to my quest. With FindTechn, I also had the peace of mind that anyone I chose had been accredited—with proven credentials and great references. In no time, I found the expert, closed the project offer, and got down to work. I am already seeing the results.

Looking back before FindTech, I realize how much I had spun my wheels in pursuit of a “needle in the Internet haystack.” Had I known about FindTech from the start, I could have saved myself a lot of time and effort; next time, I will.