Apple iOS 9.3: The latest in technology

The Cupertino giant has unveiled the latest operating system by the company alongside the iPhone SE and 9.7 inch iPad pro. The main feature for the release is the night shift feature which will be talked about later. Not only this, a number of features and improvements have been added to this update which will be available over the air for all iOS 9 devices including the first generation iPad mini, iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S. A manual check can be done by opening up the software update tab in the general settings menu.

But what makes this update so special is the fact that the company has tried to synchronise the hardware and its sensors with the software to optimize the performance and the highlight use of this technology can be seen in the night shift feature which is the latest display model by the firm and it alters the time and blue light emission of the screen preventing strain to the eyes. The company also claims that the feature will have health benefits to the users including better sleep quality. The night shift feature makes use of special sensors which sync with the software to read the environmental conditions and prevent the emission of eye straining components when it's not required. This is the latest innovation and a smart use of the sensors and operating hardware available.

The health app has also undergone some serious changes adding more visualisation to the data collected by the health data sensors and devices. Apart from this, the touch ID sensor has been tweaked for the iPad owing to educational requirements. This means multiple students can now access one iPad introducing multiple fingerprint support.

But, most importantly the company has very smartly organised the use of its device's sensors and to conduct such innovation a lot of experience and expertise is required. Companies like these always seek people with years of experience and deep insight into their subject of interest and at FindTech we offer similar services by acting as a freelance market place for mechanical engineers, optical experts and electrical professionals. So, we can get you in touch people who have years of expertise in their fields and can help you develop the next big thing!

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