Aesthetic device company smooths out product development wrinkles

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During prototyping, an innovative aesthetics start-up encountered a major development show-stopper. With FindTech, the company located the ideal thermal management expert who resolved the issue on time and within budget.

Igal, CTO, Aesthetic device company

An innovative aesthetics start-up encountered a major development show-stopper while prototyping its groundbreaking optical-based device. Integrating several essential technologies into the product created complex technical constraints, which was causing the device to over-heat. The company searched for a mechanical engineering consultant with extensive experience in heat dissipation, medical and aesthetics devices and industry solutions, who could hit the ground running. This specialist also needed to be versed in FDA requirements and strict aesthetics industry standards.

When the company heard about FindTech, which features only accredited professionals, they immediately jumped onto the site and found John (not his real name), the engineer who met their (quite stringent) demands perfectly. From their initial meeting, the company was impressed by John’s in-depth knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm. John resolved the heat issues, keeping the project on schedule and within budget.