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Dec 2014

10 Tips on How to Choose a Laser for Your Application

By: Tzachi | Tags: Laser, laser diodes, solid state lasers, fiber lasers, gas lasers, VCSEL, DPSS, erbium-doped fiber amplifier, TDuncan5o1, HeNe lasers, photodetectors

The development of the laser has been a boon to nearly every industry imaginable. Lasers are useful for many different purposes, for optics, electronics, communications, and other technical applications.


Dec 2014

10 Tips on Hiring Technical Consultants

By: Social | Tags: Benito

Are you considering hiring a technical consultant for your start up or for the upcoming challenging project? These tips will help you know the questions to ask and how to avoid common mistakes that companies make when bringing in outside help.


Dec 2014

10 Tips on how to choose optical detector for your needs

By: Tzachi | Tags: PIN photodiode, Avalanche photodiode, Photoresistor, photoconductive, CCD

In today’s open market there are many optical detectors. How does an engineer choose the right detector from such a large number of options? What factors should be considered first, application, wavelength, power, encoding or sensitivity.