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Jan 2015

Some tips for utilizing FPGA for an electro-optics setup or measurement

By: Tzachi | Tags: FPGA, Electro-optics, LabView, measurements, computerized testing setups

The process of building electro-optical setups can be greatly enhanced by using basic techniques such as hardware testing and software resting as well as more advanced procedures like feedback-loop control, reconfigurable design parameters, and instantly programmable firmware as in FPGA.


Jan 2015

Hire for Experience: Product Development Companies need Experienced Engineers

By: Social | Tags: Hire for Experience

In today’s economy, it can be enticing to take a chance on a new, less experienced professional with a lower pay grade than to hire a veteran engineer with tons of experience in product development. That being said, it’s an enticement that is not often worth the risk.


Jan 2015

10 Tips For Choosing the Right LED For Your Needs

By: Tzachi | Tags: LED, RGB LED, LED driver, LEDs with built-in controls, LED packages, Angle of View

Since their invention in the 1960's, there have been many applications for light-emitting diodes, better knows as LED’s. LED lighting offers many benefits and features that were difficult, if not impossible, to offer with other technologies.


Jan 2015

Casting a Wider Net for Product Companies & Technical Experts

By: Social | Tags: Social blog, Social

Have you noticed the major shift where companies are now recruiting talent from outside the four walls of their company and breaking the borders of local networks?

Today companies are reliant on leveraging human capital via remote relationships, platforms and marketplaces.